Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhondda
Friday, April 23, 2021

Life in the sixth form is very exciting with many opportunities available for those wishing to broaden their horizons and try new experiences. For example, we are running a Megadrive course, which offers the opportunity to those under 17 to drive cars and to learn how to drive in a safe and responsible manner. The school is pushing reading schemes in order to improve the standard of reading of pupils in the lower school. There is also the opportunity to teach Welsh to children at Cymer Infant School (English medium). We also send students to MUNGA (United Nations model) activities, where they play the part of U.N. countries and debate the burning issues of the day (e.g. the Iraq situation and refugees).

Last year everyone used translating devices in order that students from both Welsh and English medium schools could communicate in a realistic fashion. For those who enjoy public speaking, there is the opportunity to enter Rotary Club competitions (English and Welsh), but there is a fine tradition to uphold, with past students reaching the finals of the Britain and Ireland competition. If students have sporting talents, there are plenty of school teams and the opportunity to be a "Sportsleader" (learning how to coach). In order to develop communication, social and leadership skills, students are welcome to join the summer course at the beginning of September with our new year 7 pupils. In addition to these, there is the opportunity to help with the school eisteddfod and to join the school choir. If students believe that they have good ideas or that they want to change the way the school is run, they may contribute to discussion forums, the school council, or even put themselves forward as a head prefect. During the second term, the Year 12 students have the opportunity to go on work experience for a week - very useful for trying out certain professions beforehand. The above are only examples of the opportunities available, but it should be obvious that life in the sixth form is about more than succeeding in lessons and exams! We are committed to developing the rounded individual in order to produce an active citizen. Where else could you find as many opportunities?

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