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Friday, April 23, 2021

Key Skills are important tools that we need in our every day lives; in our work, in our leisure pursuits and in our activities at home. You need Key Skills in your work place and employers underline their great importance. You need Key Skills in your personal lives because they help to become more organised, to solve problems and to help you in your learning. There are excellent opportunities for you to nurture your Key Skills in the sixth form.

Gaining Key Skills qualifications is important for all students from the full range of abilities. The Key Skills offer evidence that you are equipped with special skills that you can adapt for the work place / college. Students wishing to go on to Universities can gain extra points on their applications to UCAS. Level 3 in one of the Key Skills is worth 20 points. Therefore, three Level 3's are worth 60 points (which is equivalent to an A grade at A level). 10 points are given to each Level 2 Key Skill in the UCAS system. Many Universities accept these points or at least take them into consideration.

The table below shows the correlation between the Key Skills levels and other kinds of examinations or qualifications.

Level 1 - GCSE D - G
Level 2 - GCSE A* - C 10 points
Level 3 - AS / A level A* - C 20 points

Most of you will be working on Level 2 and 3 and will be dealing with complex subjects and activities. When studying AS level subjects and vocational courses your teachers will be drawing your attention to activities that will offer you an opportunity to develop your Key Skills and to present evidence. You will gather your evidence and keep it in a portfolio (file of evidence) and your subject teachers, class teachers and your personal tutors will help you to do this. Year 12 Key Skills lessons will enable you to develop your Key Skills and to check and modify work for your portfolio.

Key Skills are an inseparable and indispensable part of every day life at school. One must consider the Key Skills in everything of which you are part. In addition to the opportunities that arise from your lessons, your contribution towards the sixth form and the school is imperative. Your contribution will also be a further opportunity for you to exemplify your skills and talents and you'll be able to build up your portfolio of your work, on the committees of the sixth form and through your individual contribution towards whole school's activities and ethos.

Mr C. Spanswick
Skills Leader

The Basic Skills Agency Quality Mark
Investor in People
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Welsh Network of Healthy Schools
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