Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhondda
Friday, April 23, 2021

The most striking difference between a Year 12 and a Year 11 timetable, apart from fewer subjects, is the fact that for the first time a Year 12 student will have non-contact time when he/she is not committed to a lesson and is not expected to present him/herself to a teacher. This time is an opportunity not to be missed, an advantage not to be squandered.

The ability to study independently is a necessity for success on an Advanced Level course and is a vital skill in preparation for work and higher education. Sixth Form lessons are merely starting points. Students are given explanation and direction, and are then expected to work further on their own in order to consolidate what they have already gained or to find new, supplementary information. Students will fail to fulfil potential if they rely exclusively on work undertaken in lesson time alone. Therefore, students cannot afford to waste this non-contact time for it is designed as an essential part of the course not as a rest period. Students must quickly adapt, therefore, to their new timetable and exploit every opportunity to improve their learning.


Specific study facilities are available to Sixth Form students, and during your non-contact time you can arrange to see teachers, or use the ICT facilities and the school’s other resources and facilities to assist you with your work. A study room is available for the Sixth Form, and is equipped with a computer network, specifically for undertaking research independently, providing access to the whole school network, the school's virtual learning environment 'Moodle', and broadband internet. In addition, Sixth Form students have access to computer facilities around the school during and after the school day. The study room, is available specifically for the Sixth Form to enable them to work independently during their non-contact periods. Study time is noted on each student timetable in order to make full use of the Study Centre.


The Sixth form Common Room is a centre for relaxation and socializing during specific lessons only. The Sixth form Committee will ensure order, cleanliness and appropriate use of the common room. It is expected that students respect the common room facilities and rules at all times. The school canteen is open at specific times during the day as well as lunch and break periods to purchase and consume food.

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