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Friday, April 23, 2021

A Level, AS Level and Applied A Level Course Requirements

Although not essential, teachers expect students to have attained 5 GCSEs (A-C) by this August with a C grade or higher in Welsh or English. A number of A Level courses are available, and in some subjects students need not have studied that subject at GCSE level.

Applied and Vocational Courses

Vocational/Applied courses are currently offered at two levels within the school, namely Advanced (level 3) and Intermediate (level 2).

Vocational/Applied A Level courses can be studied as a qualification equivalent to:

  • 2 A Levels (by studying 8 units within the same applied field, over two years)

  • 1 A Level (by studying 4 units within the same applied field over two years)

  • and as an AS (by studying 2 units within the same applied field within one year).

The Vocational Level 2 courses are equivalent to 4 GCSEs (Grade A* - C).

Mixing A Level, AS Level and Applied Qualifications

In order to develop breadth in their studies, students may wish to take a combination of A Level and/or AS Levels and/or Applied A Levels.

What if the student attains less than 5 GCSEs (A* - C)?

Usually the student will opt for a Level 2 Vocational course. A Level 2 Vocational course is equivalent to 4 GCSEs (A-C) and can be completed in one year. At the end of the course students can, where possible, go on to applied courses at a higher level, to A Level or AS Level, to employment, or to further training. Indeed, many of our students who have studied at Level 2 have subsequently succeeded at the higher level and are currently continuing with their studies at colleges and universities.

What if the student attains 5 or more GCSEs (A* - C)?

Essentially, the student has a choice of A Levels and/or AS Levels, Applied A Levels, or a combination of these options.

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