Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhondda
Friday, April 23, 2021

The new skills curriculum 'Sgiliau 7' has been developed for Year 7 pupils with the aim of producing learners who are:

  • Motivated and responsible

  • Aware of skills and different ways of approaching tasks

  • Effective, reflective learners

  • Able to think across subject boundaries and make connections

  • Independent and also effective in teams

  • Successful and fully equipped for their futures

The course is delivered in 3 sessions every week throughout the year by a group of dedicated skills teachers drawn from a wide range of subjects. During the year, pupils will develop their thinking, learning, social and key skills, in cross curricular lessons that emphasise both learning through doing and enjoyment of the learning process.

These skills are central to effective learning because they:

  • raise standards by focusing attention on transferable skills that improve the quality of learning, work and performance

  • encourage students to become independent learners and take responsibility for the process as well as the outcome of learning

  • highlight the importance of active learning by applying skills in a range of contexts

  • and will therefore enhance progression and employability.

This exciting venture has been developed as part of the schools continual process of raising standards and our commitment to personalised learning.

The Basic Skills Agency Quality Mark
Investor in People
Eco Schools
Welsh Network of Healthy Schools
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